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  • Student Employee Affiliation in LDAP November 22, 2017
    UTIS is creating a new affiliation in LDAP. When CoreCT went live last year, student employment data was integrated into the identity system with the existing Special Payroll designation.  Unfortunately, this meant that student employees could not be readily differentiated from staff members, and in some situations, they were granted incorrect entitlements.  After exploring options […]
  • Identity Finder updates or installs as Spirion November 8, 2017
    UITS will be updating the security software deployed to managed workstations on November 16. It will display the new product name and logo Spirion. Identify Finder is a software security product that UITS has historically deployed on all managed workstations.  This tool improves UConn’s security posture by locating confidential data, such as credit card and social […]
  • Phishing education November 1, 2017
    UITS has implemented changes that will help members of our community better protect themselves from phishing emails. Phishing emails trick individuals into divulging personal information and credentials.  This harms them and threatens others by giving perpetrators a foothold to expand.  UITS has proactively disseminated informational materials through various channels, alerted the community to particularly widespread or […]
  • Aurora service changes October 23, 2017
    UITS has made changes to the Aurora service in response to the Chrome web browser security updates. Google released version 62 of Chrome this week, and it continues the evolution towards their recommended security posture.  Specifically, the browser now marks HTTP sites with entered data and HTTP sites in Incognito mode as non-secure.  Forms, which require […]
  • Classroom signage October 17, 2017
    New procedures and signage for UConn classrooms is being implemented to keep them ready for teaching and learning. The Classroom Management Committee (CMC), established by the Office of the Provost to oversee instructional facilities, has received numerous complaints about the misuse of classrooms and their digital technology outside of scheduled instructional time.  Instructors reported broken […]