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Gartner, Inc. is an independent technology research and advisory company. The market data, analysis, and guidance they provide supports decision-making around key IT initiatives and covers multiple IT sectors. Through the membership UITS and Purchasing Department have with Gartner, UConn faculty, staff, and students can access their extensive library of core research through the self-authenticating portal.

Please note: Gartner is for education use only; commercial use is strictly prohibited. Users of Gartner agree that they are a UConn faculty, staff member, or officially registered student of UConn. Gartner cannot be used for commercial research or for any activity associated with an organization other than UConn.

Below are examples of how different key university groups can use Gartner’s objective, fact-based research and advice.


(President / Chancellors, CFO, Provosts, Deans, Trustees)

Institutional leadership and their staffs receive insight necessary to make business decisions involving technology related to:

  • Financial, HR, Student Information Systems and other Enterprise Application software
  • Risk Management and Compliance
  • Institutional strategy and positioning
  • Benchmarking and metrics
  • Operations and Business Processes

Business Schools

Availability of Gartner research to faculty enables professors to bring timely, objective real-world examples and content to the classroom, enriching the educational experience. Examples include:

  • Linking Gartner research to the curriculum, particularly as a resource for MBA students
  • Referencing best practices and case studies on how to apply technology to solve business problems
  • Research Collaboration and project work
  • App Development and Investments – including understanding ways and means to exploit evolving business models
  • Tracking emerging technology and industry trends

Institutional Technology and e-Learning Groups

Academic leadership seeks strategic and tactical advice from Gartner on:

  • Technology in the Classroom
  • Emerging technology and trends (wireless, podcasts, etc.)
  • Tools and best practices
  • Vendor Recommendations (Course Management, e-Portfolio, etc.)
  • Impact on the industry


  • Gartner as general resource for students (via campus-wide portal access to
  • Advise on strategies for digital content management, search engines and portal strategies

Medical and Healthcare Admin Programs

  • Gartner tracks over 100 health technologies, standards, applications, systems and telemedicine
  • Infrastructure, Security and Interoperability
  • Applications, technologies and best practices for managing the business side of healthcare
  • Applications, technologies and best practices for optimizing the delivery or care

Other Departments, Colleges & Schools

  • Engineering, Computer Science, Management Information Systems
  • Government and/or Public Policy
  • Library Sciences