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  • UITS database hosting service June 16, 2017
    UITS is announcing the formal availability of a database hosting service. UITS has historically hosted a limited number of Oracle databases and provided administrator support on a case-by-case basis without actively advertising an official service.  We have been receiving increased requests from our community for both Oracle and Microsoft SQL server support, and in response, […]
  • Disaster Recovery Plan June 9, 2017
    This past week, UITS concluded our annual test of our DR plan. This exercise validated our ability to restore existing tier 1 services using our own infrastructure at the new remote facility in the State’s data center in Groton, CT. We are now in the position to expand the DR planning to include additional institutional […]
  • Expansion of Wireless Service June 2, 2017
    UITS will be expanding the wireless network service in university administrative and academic buildings. Pervasive, fast, and reliable wireless service is both required and expected by the UConn community. Aging infrastructure and historically ad hoc deployment have resulted in an operating wireless deployment in university buildings that is limited to about 50% coverage. This is […]
  • SSH Gateway May 19, 2017
    The Secure Shell (SSH) Gateway is now available. An SSH gateway is an encrypted proxy mechanism that is used for external network access, typically to internal Linux/Unix network resources.  As an alternative to the university Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, the SSH protocol can establish targeted connections to specific services rather than a blanket tunnel […]
  • Protect your computer from ransomware May 15, 2017
    The recent cyberattack involving ransomware has been infecting computers and critical systems worldwide since Friday. The main ransomware programs, WannaCrypt and WannaCry, and their variants are infecting computers by exploiting a vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows operating system.  The malicious software then encrypts the contents of a computer and holds the information hostage until a […]